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How Jump Manual Program Works

There are dozens of methods for working on and improving vertical jumping, and various coaches and trainers will endorse and swear by different methods, but only the Jump Manual, as seen in jump manual review dares to make the bold claim that if by using their Manual you do not gain 10 inches in your vertical jumping within 12 weeks they will double your money back. And that is not a mere claim; this is an actual guarantee. That alone speaks volumes about the level of confidence that Jacob, the creator of the manual, has in his product.

The manual is unique in many other ways, but especially in advocating the importance of understanding and mastering the “9 essential aspects” of vertical jumping

Instead of discouraging individuals from considering every option, the manual aims to improve upon existing methods by making them more comprehensive, while including a guide to training and eating right, and always emphasizing the absolute necessity of commitment and hard work.

The jump training manual is an electronic resource. It is a software system that, upon purchase, can be downloaded and installed on any computer. It not only provides helpful and relevant information about the physiology and the principles behind increasing the vertical jump; it also provides a network of additional resources, interactive training, and guides to help optimize and structure individual and group workouts. For athletes that are serious about achieving their personal best conditioning, the Jump Manual is an invaluable resource, and should be considered an investment in their personal training library.

Most athletes rely on trusted coaches and colleagues for their information and guidance during training. The Jump Manual allows every individual to take responsibility for, and ownership of, their personal development. One key point to achieving one’s absolute potential in jumping higher, is a total commitment and desire to improve. Jacob takes this statement one step further by stating that hard work is not always as effective, and can even be harmful unless executed correctly.

The comprehensive information and constant support offered by this vertical jumping software ensure that every individual obtains reliable and helpful information, and if any confusion should arise, it also provides a resource for one-on-one consultations and tips via email, with its creator.

Also, the program provides the option for a one-on-on coaching with Jacob, free access to the athlete forum as well as a bunch of bonuses.

On the official website of the Jump, Manual one can find a large number of testimonials and an extensive, detailed, information on the product.

It is not a secret that the Jump Manual is the leader when it comes to vertical jump training guides.
One of the most attractive features of the Jump Manual is the of the option of getting a one-on-one training with Jacob, the creator of the program. Jacob Guarantees you gain 10 inches in vertical jumping in 12 weeks, or he doubles your money…